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A 150 workers join SASAWU

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The South Africa State and allied Workers Union (SASAWU) came into being on the 14th July 2000. Since its inception, SASAWU has proven a force to be reckoned with in the Public Service. This dynamic Trade Union is registered with the department of Labour in terms of the Labour Relations Act and is providing a viable alternative to some of the otherwise old, tired arrogant and moribund unions in the Public Service. SASAWU is becoming over and eagerly inviting you as workers in the Public Service to receive the best service ever.


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This fledgling, dynamic and vibrant Trade Union Organisation is affiliated to the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU). By virtue of the union being a COSATU affiliate and therefore an astute, ardent adherent of the Mass Democratic Movement, SASAWU is biased in favour of the workers and the poor by its character and content, this is why at our 1st National Congress we formally adopted the Freedom Charter. SASAWU believes in the hegemony of the international working class solidarity and workers power. SASAWU has very strong links with international worker and working class organisations.


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The Union recruits and organises the following categories of employees in the broader Public Service in terms of its Constitution.