Union Pledge
February 28, 2019

As the South African State and Allied Workers Union, we want to join South Africans in congratulating, the achievements by the class of 2019. As the trade union we cannot hide the fact that these future leaders of our country under the tutelage of all stakeholders from parents, teachers, Government and student leaders have indeed made the country proud.

We thought the recorded improved rate need to be celebrated more so that it was achieved under the difficult times as some of them may have not been able to prepare thoroughly due to the challenges conditions which befell our country just during the time of writing exams, wherein ESKOM continued to dampen their efforts. Thus, the South African State and Allied Workers Union (SASAWU) want to implore the Government to move with speed in improving the situation of electricity in our country and reframe from blaming the past for its own senility.

It cannot be correct and in fact we all have to condemn the fact that the very same ESKOM and Government believe that it is proper for them to supply electricity to our neighbouring countries and yet we do not have enough to sustain our country priorities. Perhaps Lest they need to be reminded that charity begins at home and that is the old and cherished adage embraced by everyone even our neighbouring brothers and sisters. Indeed, you can’t continue to send your soldiers to defend others when your own army is in a state of infirmity. That is a receipt for disaster which may results to the complete erosion of your own civilians.

Accordingly, as SASAWU we further want to support NERSA refusal to grant ESKOM the tariff increases as it is clear that ESKOM executives are hell bent in fending their nefarious interests. What is stopping ESKOM from telling government that they will sell electricity direct to the citizens of
South Africa to save them from the unrepenting Municipalities and Government Departments.

The ministry of Finance through the treasury office of should instant pay for the electricity provided to these Government Departments and stop the consistent parasitic bail outs to ESKOM so as to improve the situation and afford all of us a better life we are always promised during elections.

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